Taquile island (Perou)
Taquile island
House - Taquile island (Perou)
House (Taquile island)
Child - Taquile island (Perou)
Child of Taquile island
Ploughing (Perou)
Machu Picchu (Perou)
Machu Picchu
Inca wall - Cuzco (Perou)
Inca wall (Cusco)
Machu Picchu (Perou)
Machu Picchu
Church on inca foundations - Chinchero (Perou)
Church on inca foundations (Chinchero)
Inca door - Ollantaytambo (Perou)
Inca door (Ollantaytambo)
Corn at market - Pisac (Perou)
Corn (market of Pisac)
Nazca lines : hummingbird - Nazca (Perou)
Nazca lines: a hummingbird
Pyramid - Sipan (Perou)
Pyramid of Sipan
Cordillera Blanca (Perou)
Cordillera Blanca

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